Journal 5 Cruelty or survival?

     Killing might sound and seem harsh, but for some is a need for survival. An interesting article about the killing of the Risso’s dolphin in Dinamarca, have shock most of the world and people tried to stop this type of cruelty and massacre. This story seems that it was taken from a story book and it was a lie, most would love if it was just a story. This massacre it is realize every year in the islands of Feroe, autonomous region of Dinamarca. This killing is done every spring because it is the time that these dolphins came to the ocean near the island. The whole valley prepare for this activity, they left every responsibility for the big day. Is amazing how they reunite to see this precious animal get killed. To make the animal get near to the coast they use their big boats and push the dolphins near the shore that way it is easier to kill them. Most people do not like these massacre they think that it is an abuse and heartless. Animal protection tried to intervene in this activity, but since this is not a sport, is not wickedness neither a culture, it is for food.

     Since the island is a tempest and freezing place between Scotia and Iceland it is hard to harvest plants, fruits and vegetables they need the meat of the dolphins to survive in this cold place. To maintain the meat of the dolphins after killing them they wait that the meat gets dry and them they freeze it. At first it was hard and shocking to see how they killed them and the way the ocean turn red just like the red ocean. This people shouldn’t be judge for this because is the only way of having food and survive. Also this valley gets money from it a thing that is necessary, because the island also depends on it for economy. Also they donate some meat to hospital and old people. This people seem to have a great heart, but they need to start looking for a new way to get food and survive in these cold island. The dolphin is getting extinct and in a few years it will not exist and the population of the island will starve to death. There are a lot of options, but people shouldn’t judge them if they don’t know or experience the need of food. Still they could and should look others ways for food or kill less dolphins so that way the specie will survive for more time.                                           link – video and shocking images of the killing of the dolphins.





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